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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers are just a phone call away. Many times we can solve a problem over the phone. If we can help, we're glad to do it. Questions and service requests can also be submitted online—see our contact page for phone numbers and our online request form.

I lost my key! What can I do?
If the lock in your machine is a plug lock, we can pull the lock without damage to the handle and simply replace with a new lock.

Are refrigeration repairs expensive?

Yes and no. A machine can be warm for a number of reasons. Dirt, a bad temperature control or a bad fan motor can cause a vendor to be warm and are relatively inexpensive repairs. Compressor problems can be costly. We can always offer options about whether the repair will be cost effective for your situation.

My machine won't accept coins or bills. Will there be lengthy machine down time?
Probably not. We carry the most popular coin and bill acceptors on our trucks. We will exchange the faulty unit with a used rebuilt unit. We call this an "advanced replacement". Your machine is back in operation and making you money. There is a 6 month parts only warranty.

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